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Later Living Helpline

Your trusted guide to elderly care

Later Living Helpline

Empowering Your Estate Journey

Welcome to Later Living Helpline, where we empathize with the challenges families face regarding care costs, estate planning, and navigating the complexities of later life. Our mission is deeply personal, born from the experiences of our founder, Ted Williams, who went through the heartache and financial strain that many families encounter.

Our Story: At Later Living Helpline, we passionately believe that everyone, irrespective of their background or financial status, deserves access to invaluable knowledge and resources for effective estate planning. Ted Williams’ personal journey, marked by the struggle to protect a loved one’s home and legacy, fuels our commitment. We are proud to operate as a non-profit organization, serving as a vital middleman, connecting individuals with secure companies that provide free advice on asset protection.

later living helpline

In a world where estate planners typically charge £200 – £300 per hour for appointments, we have established agreements with estate planners across the UK who generously offer their expert advice for free, with no obligation. Our goal is to empower everyday working-class individuals with the tools to safeguard their estates.

How We Can Help

Discover comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and a compassionate community dedicated to easing the burdens of estate planning. Whether you’re seeking information on care costs, understanding probate, or the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), Later Living Helpline is your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of later life.

We will guide you to a trusted professional with experience in the specific field you are exploring. The first consultation is free, and afterward, they will charge accordingly. Count on Later Living Helpline to connect you with the expertise you need on your journey through later life decisions.

Educational Workshops

Our workshops designed to demystify estate planning and equip you with the knowledge to make decisions.

Personal Consultations

Speak with our experienced team for personalized guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

Resource Hub

Access a wealth of articles, guides, and FAQs covering estate planning, care costs, and more.

Get FREE Advice today!
Get FREE Advice today!

Together, We Empower

At Later Living Helpline, we stand united with individuals and families, empowering them to face the future with confidence and peace of mind. Your story matters, and we are here to help you navigate the path ahead.

Embark on your estate journey with knowledge, support, and a community that understands. Later Living Helpline is more than an organization; it’s a compassionate ally on your path to securing a legacy that lasts. Welcome to a brighter, more informed tomorrow.

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